Project risks

Like any other investment opportunity, offers presented on the Revofund platform involve many risks. It should be remembered that the realized risk may cause significant deviations from the expected return, which results in profit or loss. All possible losses are borne by the Investor, therefore we recommend that you thoroughly analyze and evaluate any investment risks, consider their consequences before making any investment decisions.

Before starting operations on the Revofund platform, carefully read the list of risks below. The list is not final and does not cover all risks that may potentially affect the profitability of your investments.

The risk of a failed campaign

When conducting a campaign on our platform, the borrower must always reckon with the possibility of its failure to finish, ie the lack of collecting the required funds or the lack of complete interest in the project at all. Revofund makes every effort to ensure that each presented project is properly presented and that it arouses interest among investors, without giving any guarantee at the end of the campaign with success.

Cost risk

In particular, the developer, in the case of capital loans, must consider that the auction will not go his way. The interest rates will be higher than expected in the issue publishing phase, which will increase the cost of money over time and will affect its liquidity and debt servicing capacity.

The risk of making commercial information public

General information about the project is published to all users of the platform. The designer must therefore take into account the possibility of a “silent” leak of this information to the competition. To limit this risk, Revofund provides detailed data about the project only to registered users, verified in the process of creating an account on the platform.

Risk of a time shift

Project initiator undertakes to prepare in cooperation with the selected expert certain materials that will be published on the platform.These materials include forecasts. Since the commencement of the preparation of materials for the publication of campaigns on the platform, there may be a time delay that will shift the horizon for the project and thus may slow down the development of the project. Revofund makes every effort to ensure that this delay does not occur and cooperates on an ongoing basis with the project initiator and expert.

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