What type of financing?

Loans are used to acquire business financing. The investor (lender) is obliged to repay principal and interest on the date or dates indicated in the loan agreement. Loan funding is for project initators who:

  • are willing to pay investors higher interest rates than banks
  • are ready to subject their business operations to expert appraisal in exchange for omitting a long-term banking or bonding procedure

A typical loan financing on the Revofund Platform is an amount from 100,000. PLN to 1 million PLN. We help entrepreneurs spread their wings. Revofund enables you to get funding and allows you to focus on running your business.

Shares are used to invest in limited liability companies. In exchange for financial resources, the investor receives corporate rights. The project initiator, by issuing shares, admits partners to whom he must ensure the implementation of the rights under the Commercial Companies Code and the investment agreement (partners’ agreements). The initiator must be aware of the owner restrictions as a consequence of acquiring new partners.


Type Bank Loan Loan Financing through Shares
Requirements for the company’s history Usually min. 12 months of activity Lack Lack
Documentation Individual banking requirements, usually onerous According to the Revofund standards. Support provided by Platform experts. According to the Revofund standard. Support provided by Platform experts.
KPI’s for fundraising Good historical results, fulfillment of many financial parameters and formal requirements Valid business concept. A reliable and competent management team. A well-prepared business plan. Investors’ interest. Valid business concept. A reliable and competent management team. A well-prepared business plan. Investors’ interest.
Own share Min. 30% No requirements No requirements
Collateral Absolutely required collateral at least 1.5 x the value of the loan No requirements, but the collateral can facilitate the acquisition of funds or reduce costs. No requirements
Financing costs Depends on the project and the bank, but standard commissions and fees from 0.2% to 3%, plus interest rates from 3% to 10% per annum Dependent on the potential of the project, interest and trust of investors and collateral or their absence. 8% -15% per year. The founder does not reduce his participation in business No financing costs, but the founder reduces his participation in the project and limits his control in business.
The influence of the financier on investments Big restrictions and formal control of activities, ongoing reporting, cumbersome administration of the loan, often the need to obtain consents, possible influence of the bank on corporate decisions, etc. None, indicated information obligations for investors. Corporate rights due to being a partner, including the right to participate in the shareholders’ meeting and the right to vote in proportion to the shares held.
In the event of bankruptcy Total priority related to restrictive security Order of satisfaction in accordance with bankruptcy law, priority over shareholders’ equity. The last order of satisfying claims, just like the founder.

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