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The legal basis for concluding the loan agreement are the provisions 720 - 724 of the Civil Code. The loan agreement is of a consensual nature - all that is needed is meeting of minds. Loans are granted in the auctioning mode on our platform.

The experts' priority is the selection of projects to ensure the security of the funds involved. Keep in mind that you risk your capital. When making investments, make educated decisions. Reduce risk through business and project diversification.

The loans are used to earn money in exchange for the financing granted. The Project Initiator (borrower) undertakes to repay the principal and interest. Loans are for investors (lenders) who are looking for higher than bank interest on capital employed or want to have an impact on what enterprises will be supported by financing.

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We guarantee safety

An indispensable element of loan financing, which our platform enables, is investor protection through the use of:

  • mortgage
  • alienation
  • shares
  • registered pledge
  • a promissory note
  • bill of exchange guarantee
  • assignment of receivables
  • declaration of submission to enforcement
  1. Auction Announcement

    It is a document that contains all the necessary information about the objectives, terms of the loan and detailed information about the Project Initiator.

  2. Investor Evaluation

    Investors are given access to detailed financial and operational information of the Project. They can use the Expert support, contact the Project Initiator, etc.

  3. Offers Submission

    After thorough analysis of the Project, the Investor submits an offer to grant the Loan by declaring the amount of his investment.

  4. Authorization

    The investor will receive by e-mail information about the authorization, which means that the offer will be accepted in the auction. Lack of authorization means that the offer did not meet the requirements of the Website Regulations and will not participate in the Auction.

  5. Termination of the Auction

    The auction ends with the Attachment and preparation of the List of Lenders, who will be notified immediately by e-mail.

  6. E-mail to the Investor confirming the conclusion of the loan agreement and instructions on how to proceed

    Investors whose Bids have been accepted under the Auction will be notified of the settlement. At the same time, information about further activities to be carried out will be provided. Other investors will be notified that their offers have not been accepted in the Auction.

  7. Documents shipment

    To all those who have won the Auction, a set of documents signed by the Borrower will be sent by courier, which must be signed – follow the previously received instructions

  8. Sign the documents received from Revofund and return them to the Revofund address

    After all documents have been signed, they should be returned to the indicated address as soon as possible.

  9. Payment of funds by the Investor to the Project Initiator’s account

    Payments of funds in accordance with the concluded Loan Agreement should be paid by bank transfer to the Borrower’s bank account indicated in the Auction Notice and received documents

  10. Information on crediting the funds

    Information on crediting the funds will be notified to the Borrower by e-mail about the funds deposited into the Borrower’s account, when the funds are credited to the Project Initiator’s account.

  11. Information about the submission of an application for establishing collateral

    The lender will receive by e-mail information on the submission of applications for the establishment of appropriate collateral


Invest in limited liability companies

The shares are used to invest in limited liability companies. In return for funds, the Investor receives corporate rights. The shares are for investors who:

  • understand and accept the risk associated with investing in shares in exchange for a chance for profit in the form of an increase in the value of the company or future dividends
  • want to have corporate rights for partners
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  1. Announcement of the Investment Memorandum

    The document contains all necessary information about the objectives and conditions of the Issue as well as detailed information about the project and the Project Initator.

  2. Investor’s analysis and explanations by the Project Initatior

    Investors have access to detailed information and should conduct their own analyzes, seek the support of Experts and other specialists.

  3. Submission of offers by investors

    After careful analysis and consultation with the necessary opinions, the Investor makes an offer to take up shares, by declaring the amount of his investment.

  4. Granting a power of attorney to take up shares

    Due to the required legal form of the declaration, the Investor must provide a notarial power of attorney (according to the template from the Memorandum) for the designated proxy by the Project Promoter (professional lawyer – attorney / legal counsel) to submit a statement on the acquisition of shares. Revofund will organize a visit to a notary and will provide a draft power of attorney.

  5. Closing the issue – allocation of shares

    Preparation of a protocol confirming the closing of the issue and determining whether all conditions for positive issue closure and settlement of the funds in accordance with the Announcement have been met.

  6. Payment of the declared amounts to the account

    In the time specified in the Memorandum, the Investor makes a payment to the Project Initiator’s account.

  7. Drawing up a list of partners

    Adoption of the final resolution on the increase of capital, representation of the proxy on the acquisition of shares and registration of increased capital in the National Court Register.

Special projects

Join the group of selected investors

Special projects are implemented by Project Initiators who want to have the influence on the selection of investors for their project. Under special projects, loan auctions and taking up shares can be carried out.

In order to gain access to a given special project by a Registered User, it is necessary to declare willingness to participate in a given project and obtain confirmation from the Project Initiator.

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Access to each of the Special Projects requires a separate invitation for the Registered User.

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Join the platform

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