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Take advantage of the rapid growth of young enterprises

Investments in young enterprises can be very profitable. In the past, such investments were reserved for professional investment entities (venture capital) and for individual wealthy business angels.

The Revofund platform allows anyone to invest in selected start-ups via platform with a minimum investment of PLN 10,000. In addition to a high potential return, investors get the chance to support cool people and their businesses from the beginning and to accompany them in an interesting and difficult path from the beginning of the company to the industry innovation leader.

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Investments in start-ups take place at an early stage of the company’s development, before the company’s value increases significantly. As the value of start-ups in the first years increases rapidly, investments in start-ups give investors the opportunity to multiply their capital if the start-up is successful.

Support entrepreneurship

Beginner investors are people who believe that small things can eventually turn into something big. Revofund helps bring a light to new ideas and support innovation and job creation, thus contributing to development.

Project selection

We sift 95% of projects coming to us. We use a very rigorous selection process. We are trying for you.

  1. Prequalification form
  2. Initial verification of the Project initiator
  3. Internal project analysis
  4. Internal analysis of the proposal
  5. Project promoters for investors
  6. Consent to carry out the campaign

Equity funding vs P2P lending

Type Loan Shares
Exit Assured Unknown
ROI Determined in advance Dependent on exit conditions
The possibility of getting benefits Dependent on loan conditions Right to dividends
Investment security Dependent on project and type of collateral Dependent on project
Impact on investment Lack The right to participate in the shareholders’ meeting and the right to vote in proportion to the shares held
Access to information Dependent on borrower’s decision The right to information according to the Code of Commercial Companies
Collateral options Mortgage, guarantee etc… Lack
In the event of bankruptcy Order of satisfaction in accordance with bankruptcy law, priority over shareholders’ equity The last order of satisfying claims

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