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Do you have a project that needs funding? Do you have money that you want to invest wisely?

We are an alternative to banks and the stock exchange. You will finance your project with us quickly and with a minimum of bureaucracy and unnecessary procedures. We specialize in real estate projects, but not only.


Investors get the business plan. They meet with the Project Initiator. They make an investment decision. They provide financial resources.

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Revofund selects projects and entrepreneurs. It enables contact with experts on financial and legal matters and enables publication of the project. Provides investor network.

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The entrepreneur presents his project to investors and obtains financing directly from investors.

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For entrepreneurs

Get financing for your project quickly

Does your project need funding in the amount of PLN 1 million to 30 million? Register and gain access to institutional and private investors who make quick financial decisions.

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Investment capital to increase resources.


Working capital to increase the scale of operations.

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Support of real estate projects during their every stage.


Support for project's individual components, e.g. design, project management, sales and marketing.

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Thanks to the diversity of projects and strategies you have the opportunity to build a very wide portfolio of investment products. These are offers that you won't find in banks or brokerage houses.

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Minimal investmentPLN 500 000
Closed campaign

We were funded by an investor who granted us a loan of PLN 5 million to finance the development of our business.

Funds accumulatedPLN 5 000 000
Funding goalPLN 5 000 000
Number of investors1
Special project Start-up
Minimal investmentPLN 236 500
Closed campaign

Construction of apartment building in Darlowko

Funds accumulatedPLN 23 650 000
Funding goalPLN 23 650 000
Number of investors1
Apartment real estate
Minimal investmentPLN 430 000
Closed campaign

The developer found a financial partner.

Funds accumulatedPLN 8 600 000
Funding goalPLN 8 600 000
Number of investors1
Real estate
Minimal investmentPLN 120 400
Closed campaign

The full requested amount was raised.

Funds accumulatedPLN 12 040 000
Funding goalPLN 12 040 000
Number of investors4
Shares and Loan
Minimal investmentPLN 737 243
Closed campaign

Shopping centre in central Poland

Funds accumulatedPLN 15 482 103
Funding goalPLN 15 482 103
Number of investors4
Commercial real estate
Minimal investmentPLN 20 000
Closed campaign

Financing of office investment

Funds accumulatedPLN 2 000 000
Funding goalPLN 2 000 000
Number of investors1
Office real estate

Case study

We provided a bridge loan of GBP 1.7 million to Proxin Ogrody Sp. z o.o. on the back of a very well prepared funding plan. We met those involved in managing the project. The company repaid the capital and interest, ahead of time.

Jersey Capital, Jersey

The loan allowed us to give up bank financing, thanks to which we were able to free collateral and allocate it for the development of new projects. The lender treated us like a partner. The loan repayment guarantee for him was good business, not horrendously high protection.

Marlena Zapalska

Proxin Ogrody sp. z o.o., Poznan

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Risk warning

Investing involves risks, including loss of capital, lack of liquidity, no dividends and dilution, etc. Before investing, read the investment risk warnings. Investments should only be made by investors who understand this risk. Read the project risk warning before starting the campaign.

Revofund does not publish investment recommendations. No communication made through this website or any other medium should be interpreted as an investment recommendation. Revofund does not provide any legal, financial or tax advice. If you have any questions about legal, financial or tax issues related to investments, you should consult a professional advisor.