About us

Who we are

REVOFUND platform is created on the initiative of experienced entrepreneurs, managers with extensive investment experience – Mirosław Borowicz and Katarzyna Robińska. The team also includes young people who understand complexity of a modern,technology driven enviromentm.

We are convinced that the combination of knowledge, experience with enthusiasm will bring good results.

Why we do it

Equity Crowdfunding is a relatively new form of financing on Polish Market. Yet, this form of financing is widely recognized as an important element of the future of financial markets. We see a great need to develop new forms of financing projects, especially those that are just starting (start-up) as well as being in a later stage of development. Current options are often insufficient or overly burdensome. In the modern world, we see changes taking place in the area of ​​financing. The dynamic development of crowdfunding around the world shows the strength of the community, which can give a strong impulse to the development of many projects. Recent years have shown in both Western Europe and North America that crowdfunding platforms provide opportunities for all participants to achieve positive results. REVOFUND is to provide technological and organizational solutions enabling direct conclusion of transactions between companies and their new investors.

Kasia Robinski

Mirosław Borowicz