Preparing campaign

Step 1

Fill out the form Raise funding – We will contact you after our team analyzes your project.

Step 2

Develop a business plan according to the template available on the website. Take care of the up-to-dateness and transparency of the data keeping in mind investors’ expectations. If necessary, you can get the support of one of the Experts.

Step 3

Decide on the type of financing – Loan Auction or Share Subscription. The decision on the type of financing depends on many factors related to the nature of the business, collateral, etc. … Read the basic advantages and disadvantages of both solutions here.

Step 4

Prepare promotional materials describing your business (including a 3-minute promotional video that will illustrate the project’s vision) Take care of a consistent aesthetics of content. Remember that this is your main business card that will attract potential investors. When preparing advertising materials, keep in mind that investors’ expectations may differ from the expectations of your customers.

Step 5

Prepare a set of documents necessary to carry out the campaign, i.e. Auction Announcement or Share Issue Announcemenet. In this process, an Expert may help you.

Step 6

Start the campaign and actively monitor its course. You can promote your campaign with your own marketing channels using, for example, Social Media. We also encourage you to contact investors through Webinars and meetings organized by revofund – Revokracja.