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Brand New Galaxy

We were found by an investor who granted us a loan of PLN 5 million to finance the development of our business.

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Brand New Galaxy is an advertising and communication group, which brings together specialized marketing and communication agencies, as well as dealing in the incubation of start-ups automating selected marketing areas.


The world of marketing is now changing faster than ever and requires solutions that redefine the current rules of the game. That is why the Galaxy was created. It consists of specialized, independent technology, communication and branding agencies, which, depending on the needs of clients, can operate both independently and connect to systems. Thanks to this, we undertake projects of any size – from small to the largest, with global reach.

The Galaxy has the best experts with international experience, combining macromarketing vision with a pragmatic understanding of the clients’ business. Together, they form a Galactic think-tank, which supports individual agencies in their projects and conducts its own activity in the area of consulting and analytics.

Brand New Galaxy is a platform supporting all companies in three main pillars:









  • Portfolio management of companies
  • Developing new competences
  • Geographical expansion
  • Exploring new markets
  • Developing clients between companies in the portfolio
  • Public Relations
  • Management of investor relations
  • Finances and accountancy
  • Legal and tax department
  • Office management
  • Administration and IT
  • Investment management

Market analysis

Advertising and marketing spending is consistently growing from year to year, and in 2018 it reached almost 560 billion dollars (+ 4.4% versus 2017). In the years 2016-2019, the fastest growing markets in the world will be Eastern Europe and Central Asia (expected annual increase of these regions is + 8.9% per year).

The advertising market is shifting from spending in the so-called Traditional media, such as television or print, for digital media – with a very large increase in media related to mobile telephony and e-commerce (the expected value of the online market is estimated at USD 72.6 billion in the current year) .

The market is currently divided between large advertising companies, which, with their scale, have huge problems to adapt to the new, much more dynamic market situation. They are not flexible enough and have a much higher cost burden than small local agencies, which for a change – have a lot of freedom in adapting to rapidly changing customer expectations, but in turn have no know-how or organization that allows you to work with large global partners in many countries.

Customers are currently looking for partners who will allow them to smoothly go through the transformations happening in the market and help them achieve economies of scale through scaled services from local organizational units to regional and then global ones.

Thanks to the talents available in the advertising industry, which are identical to those from Western Europe or the United States combined with relatively lower costs, Poland is an ideal country to create such competence centers for global clients.

Management team

Olga Adamkiewicz

CEO Brand New Galaxy

Work experience: +15 years
Previous position: Marketing Manager
Expertise: Brand communication management

Patrycja Bruź-Soniewicka

COO Brand New Galaxy

Work experience: +10 years
Previous position: Ad Agency Manager
Expertise: Brand communication management

Wiktoria Danielewska

Managing Partner / CEO Man on the Moon

Work experience: +10 years
Previous position: HR Manager
Expertise: HR

Michał Glapiński

Managing Partner / CEO Pathfinder

Work experience: +10 years
Previous position:
Ad Agency Manager
Expertise: Digital communication and organisation management

Kacper Kłos

Managing Partner / CEO New Gravity / CEO Synthrone

Work experience: +10 years
Previous position: EVP
Expertise: Digital communication

Jakub Krawczyk

Managing Partner / CEO Spacecamp

Work experience: +15 years
Previous position:
Ad Agency Manager
Expertise:Digital communication and organisation management

Companies in Brand New Galaxy's portfolio

Strategic marketing agency

Main competences:
Brand strategy, portfolio architecture, product innovations, marketing research and analysis

Life on Mars
Creative agency

Main competences:
Brand strategy, integrated creative campaigns



Main competences:
Digital and mobile platforms, digital experience


Pathfinder 23
E-commerce agency

Main competences:
Strategy and design in the area of e-commerce, automation

E-commerce automation platform

Main competences::
E-commerce analytics, providing brand materials for e-commerce stores

Man on the Moon
HR Agency

Main competences::
Recruitment, HR consulting


POZNAN Małopolska 2

WARSAW Ząbkowska 27/31