Why should you invest

Why invest in start-ups?

Investments in start-ups take place at an early stage of the company’s development, before the company’s value increases significantly. As the value of start-ups in the first years increases rapidly, investments in start-ups give investors the opportunity to multiply their capital if the start-up is successful. In addition to a high potential return, investors get the chance to support cool people and their businesses from the beginning and to accompany them in an interesting and difficult path from the beginning of the company to the industry innovation leader.

What other investment options do I have at Revofund?

On our platform, there is also the possibility of investing in corporate loans for developed enterprises with lower investment risk.

Are start-up investments a new form of investing?

Investments in young enterprises can be very profitable. In the past, such investments were reserved for professional investment entities (venture capital) and for individual wealthy business angels. The Revofund platform allows anyone to invest in selected start-ups via platform with a minimum investment of PLN 10,000.

Support entrepreneurship

Investments in developing companies and start-ups are not only interesting investments; they are also a way to support entrepreneurship and innovation in Poland. The founders of the company, inventors and visionaries often have a problem finding bankers who share their vision and see the potential of a business idea. Beginner investors are people who believe that small things can eventually turn into something big. Revofund helps bring a light to new ideas and support innovation and job creation, thus contributing to development.